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What are the signs of ageing skin?

Causes of skin Ageing

Ageing is a natural process; however premature ageing of the skin can cause concerns for younger individuals. There are several reasons for this, environmental, hormonal and biological factors all play a role in this. Certain factors are more likely to cause premature ageing than others/ These include:

The ultraviolet rays of the sun are an invisible form of radiation that penetrates to deep layers of the skin. As they pass through, they cause damage to collagen, which in turns results in darkening and pigmentation.

Individuals suffering from stress at work, or home may find themselves affected by premature ageing due to stress chemicals being released in the body triggering negative biological changes.

When in deep sleep, the pituitary gland in our brain secretes a growth hormone used to maintain body tissue health as well as promoting renewal; this includes the skin tissue. Prolonged lack of sleep means that an individual is not secreting the growth hormone, so the skin tissue is not healthily maintained or renewed. This leads to premature signs of ageing.

Individuals who smoke tend to experience premature signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles up to 10 years before a non – smoker. Premature ageing occurs in smokers due to the reduction of vitamin C in the blood, which causes a reduction in collagen production.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can cause accumulation of toxins in deeper skin layers, leading to premature signs of ageing.

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Signs of Ageing

Hyperpigmentation – dark spots, sun spots, or discolouration of the skin are all forms of hyperpigmentation. This generally occurs when melanin, the pigment that gives our skin, hair and nails its natural colour, is overproduced. The most common trigger for hyperpigmentation is sun damage.

Sagging skin – Loss of elasticity is a clear sign an individual’s skin is ageing. It’s caused by the reduction of collagen and elastin fibres – both of which are responsible for helping the skin to retain its shape. Many environmental factors including smoking and harsh environments can cause damage, breaking down the fibres and leaving your skin looking stretched and sagging.

Lines & wrinkles – Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the skins sagging process, but, in a young individual this is a sign of premature ageing and could be caused by a variety of factors including prolonged sun exposure and smoking.

Dry skin – Although most dry skin conditions are caused by environmental factors, dry skin can eventually lead to wrinkles. When the skin is dry, it naturally produces a lower volume of essential oils that are crucial for skin health and rejuvenation.

Open pores – As you age, environmental factors lead to a loss of elasticity in the skin. When this happens, the skin around each pore is not as collagen-rich or firm as it was previously, resulting in pores becoming clogged and enlarged. Dull skin – Due to the skin cell turnover rate, it is common to notice the skin becoming duller over time. This is because the skin cell renewal rate is slowing meaning ageing skin will become more noticeable.