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Sun damaged skin

Signs and symptoms of sun-damaged skin

There are 5 common symptoms of sun damage:

Dry skin – Skin that has had too much sun exposure can start to lose moisture and essential oils making the skin appear dry and cracked. Dry skin can also lead to lines and wrinkles no matter the age of the individual.

Sun spot – Also known as solar lentigines, sun spots are brown flat spots that show up on parts of the skin that have been exposed to too much skin. Any UV rays from the sun will then keep darkening the sunspots and make them appear more noticeable. Freckles are similar to sunspots however freckles occur primarily on the face and in children with fairer complexions.

Sunburn – This is the condition of the skin after it has been exposed to harmful ~UV rays from the sun. It is characterised by redness, warm yet painful to the touch and in severe cases can blister. Individuals who have less of the melanin pigment are more likely to suffer from sunburns.

Actinic Keratosis – These develop in the areas of the skin that have undergone repeated long-term exposure to the sun and its UV rays. The appearance of actinic keratosis is a tiny pump that is rough to the touch and can be red, pink, brown or yellow in colour. Unlike tans and burns, actinic keratosis does not go away by itself.

Premature ageing – UV radiation from the sun can cause collagen to break down at an increased rate by penetrating the dermis layer (middle layer) of the skin and causing an abnormal build-up of elastin to which enzymes are then produced that break down the collagen leading to wrinkles and premature ageing.

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