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Ultracel 2 allows us to combine three techniques to lift not just the skin, but the deep muscle layer underneath which was previously only reached by surgical facelifts. Together they create the most complete non-surgical face lifting technology.

  • HIFU works by creating controlled wounding at different depths in the skin down to the SMAS layer, to induce new collagen formation and remodelling for a skin lifting result.
  • GFR (Grid Radio Frequency) delivers heat energy, which denatures collagen in the upper dermis layer of the skin. The energy, transferred through thermal grid shapes, initiates neocollagenesis in the skin to tighten and produce new collagen for skin tightening.
  • FRM (Fraction RF Microneedling) uses insulates microneedles to penetrate into the dermis and deliver a radiofrequency shot. The heat energy causes controlled damage in the area of application, triggering a repair response that produces new collagen over time and a thickening of the dermis.

Benefits of Ultracel 2:

-reduces sagging by lifting and tightening the skin

-improve overall skin tone and texture

-minimises pores

-helps the appearance of acne scars

-reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-restore a youthful and smoother appearance